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  • Process illustrations

    Process illustrations

    Background I helped my client to visualize the service that they offer to their clients. That ended up being two different projects with the same illustration style. THE WORK I developed illustration style that would be serious, but a little playful at the same time. I made a one page vector based illustration that could […]

  • Emotion Cards

    Emotion Cards

    BACKGROUND Back in early 2021, in the middle of the world pandemic, Maria H Nannestad and Susanne W Nielsen from Psykologisk Perspektiv contacted me asking to illustrate their product they were developing. Emotion Cards – is a board game for kids and teenagers used as a tool to teach naming emotions. I found the project […]

  • Animation for hospital patients

    Animation for hospital patients

    Background Region hospital in Viborg, Denmark hired the animation company GoodJobStudios to make 6 informational films for patients who suffer from obesity and are considering Gastric Bypass operation. What I did I came in as a freelancer to help out in various parts of the production.I made icon illustrations which were used in the movies. […]

  • The roadmap

    The roadmap

    Background I was approached by Center for Animation, Visualisation and Graphic Storytelling (The Animation Workshop) to make a poster for an organization, whose purpose is to increase the interest and competence of children and young people in science, so more will choose a science education. The organization preferred to stay anonymous, so I am showing […]