What is non-technological innovation?


“6 steps for innovation” platform is a result of cooperation between business intermediaries, owner-managers, and universities from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, and Denmark.

The platform is a new strategy process especially designed for owner-managers of smaller companies. The focus is on business development through non-technological innovation.


Based on provided script, I designed and animated 3 films explaining:

  • the benefits for small business owners of joining consultancy program
  • how the consultancy program will work
  • what is non-technological innovation

We made versions of the films with Danish and Polish subtitles as well.


All three films are used in https://www.6stepsforinnovation.com/en website.

Original plan was to make all three films fairly quickly, so I designed with that in mind. While making films, the first 2020 lockdown started and I think it was quite a shock to everyone. I am proud that we managed to get back on track and finish the project, even if it was a bit later than expected.

Thinking about the smaller companies, which the whole project is aimed at, launching the project in the beginning of the global pandemic was either the best or the worst timing.

  • Design
  • Animation
  • Voice over direction
  • Adding subtitles in Danish and Polish

Client: VIA University College


More about the project: