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  • KRAS Explainer

    KRAS Explainer

    BACKGROUND KRAS – is a program for young people who want to kick start their carrier in a cultural branch. Magnus from KRAS contacted me asking to make an animated explainer that would encourage the target audience to learn more about the program and sign up for the pilot program. THE WORK We had a […]

  • Emotion Cards

    Emotion Cards

    BACKGROUND Back in early 2021, in the middle of the world pandemic, Maria H Nannestad and Susanne W Nielsen from Psykologisk Perspektiv contacted me asking to illustrate their product they were developing. Emotion Cards – is a board game for kids and teenagers used as a tool to teach naming emotions. I found the project […]

  • Animations for “Pigen fra Egtved” exhibition

    Animations for “Pigen fra Egtved” exhibition

    BACKGROUND “Pigen fra Egtved” – exhibition taking place in Kulturmuseet in Vejle (2020).I was asked to animate existing drawings based on the petroglyphs from the Bronze Age. Together with archeologist Katrine Balsgaard Juul, and musician Perry Stenbäck and Kulturmuseet team, we made four animation films showing life in the Bronze Age which are part of […]

  • How do kids count?

    How do kids count?

    BACKGROUND In the Ph.D. Cup on DR2, five of Denmark’s most talented young researchers share their discoveries. For three years, they have struggled, been in doubt, broken barriers, and found new paths. They have completed the highest level within the education system and now they have to fight to be the best communicator. THE WORK […]

  • What is non-technological innovation?

    What is non-technological innovation?

    BACKGROUND “6 steps for innovation” platform is a result of cooperation between business intermediaries, owner-managers, and universities from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, and Denmark. The platform is a new strategy process especially designed for owner-managers of smaller companies. The focus is on business development through non-technological innovation. THE WORK Based on provided script, I designed […]

  • Animation for hospital patients

    Animation for hospital patients

    Background Region hospital in Viborg, Denmark hired the animation company GoodJobStudios to make 6 informational films for patients who suffer from obesity and are considering Gastric Bypass operation. What I did I came in as a freelancer to help out in various parts of the production.I made icon illustrations which were used in the movies. […]

  • The roadmap

    The roadmap

    Background I was approached by Center for Animation, Visualisation and Graphic Storytelling (The Animation Workshop) to make a poster for an organization, whose purpose is to increase the interest and competence of children and young people in science, so more will choose a science education. The organization preferred to stay anonymous, so I am showing […]